Völkermarkt. Now and always, a treasured place to live.

These days, towns and regions have to meet ever greater demands to function as living hubs for citizens while appealing to companies at the same time. Proactive solutions must be found to achieve these goals. This is why the Wirtschaftsverein Zukunft Völkermarkt (Völkermarkt Future Business Association) has partnered with the Völkermarkt municipality in launching the “Völkermarkt 2020” site and brand development initiative.

Turning words into actions  

The “Egger & Partner” location development agency and the mehrwert advertising agency were tasked with establishing the Völkermarkt brand and all Völkermarkt locals taking part were surveyed as part of the “future moderation”. The focus was on topics which made a difference to citizens and four key areas emerged: 

  • Good schools and educational institutions
  • Attractive local recreational areas
  • Good transport infrastructure and accessibility
  • Attractive events and markets.

The important thing now is to put the above areas first, leveraging targeted strategies and forward-looking initiatives.

Strengthening identity step by step

No-one knows Völkermarkt and its surroundings better than those who call it home. They know where it excels and where it could do better. They also pose tough questions and work with location experts to devise pioneering answers. Völkermarkt’s people are the proponents and thinkers spearheading a sustainable brand strategy.

Gradually, the brand Völkermarkt is emerging. In other words, the town’s strengths are being extended in a way that allows locals to identify with them. After all, it’s their town and their living space. To help locals nurture the town into a cherished spot, reflecting their common hope, collectively pulling together is the key. Together, we are stronger. Let’s unite and build up the Völkermarkt brand.